Our Process

App Fibre prides itself on our tried and tested process which we implement and refine for every new project


We want you to be included in the process! Our team brainstorms on the various ideas that can highlight to your clients why you are a great brand to work with.

We integrate in those ideas with what your requirements are and what your goals are for the application.

concept_filledPLAN AND ANALYSE

Our technical team creates a proposal that incorporates all the elements you want and our creative and technical input which will comprise of a comprehensive and the most cost effective way to execute the application.


Once you approve of the project proposal, our creative team will start making designs based on well researched consumer studies that will engage your users and maximise the potential of your branding in the application.

The design shall incorporate the latest industry design standards that will make your application compatible with the design of the desired operating system. The design is then sent to your company for approval.

google_code_copyrightedBUILD AND TEST

Once the design has been approved, out technical team will create the application with the latest coding technology available. A team of highly qualified developers will focus on building the design with every stage of development being tested for high speed processing and design consistency. After the final quality assurance of our team, the application is turned over for testing by your company if all requirements have been complied with.


After approval of the application, App Fibre will assist your company in launching the product in the market as well as aid you in promoting the application through targeted online and mobile advertising.


Based on your feedback as well as your clients’, we shall create an application review to find ways to integrate all recommendations to improve the product and create either an update or rebranding concept.


In every stage of development, App Fibre gives your company well documented and excellent customer service support. We make sure you are informed of what is going on and let you know how things are working out. Our team believes in the effectiveness and strength of collaboration and your partnership is as much a part of the applications success as our development process.