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Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

With the introduction of the new messenger platform for Facebook and the availability of the chat SDK, Opportunities are now available for companies to take advantage of custom Facebook messenger chat bot development to improve and automate communications between businesses and their customers.

What this allows companies to do is create chat bots to automate a number of manual and repetitive communication tasks while also creating an engaging and helpful interaction with customers.

Chat Bot Use Cases

Some examples of business use cases for chatbots are;

  • Search for e-commerce products and display shopping results.
  • Submit customer feedback and open customer service cases.
  • Order products from a company using AI and conversational language
  • Enquire the availability of items in stock
  • Check for available appointment dates for a service based business
  • Walk through an initial onboarding and information gathering process for new clients.

Natural Language Processing

4723433Moreover with wit.ai being made available as the natural language processor and artificial intelligence engine behind Facebook M, developing a Facebook messenger chat bot which can process natural language is now within reach for your business.

This allows the chat bot to process and interpret complex information provided by the user in natural language and identify the intent and meaning behind what the user is requesting and process this information into usable context and actions for the chatbot.

Chat Bot Developers

12679454_1026083487461743_881543663_nApp Fibre has a dedicated team of chatbot developers with deep experience in natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and integrating with Facebook products.

We have worked with a number of businesses across many industries to develop custom chat bot solutions and as such can deliver a custom Facebook messenger chat bot for your business.

Moreover App Fibre also has extensive experience in developing mobile applications of iOS and Android so we can integrate a custom Chatbot to your mobile application.

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Furthermore, if you're interested in discussing opportunities to develop a Facebook messenger chatbot please contact us for a free consultation with one of our specialists.

Finally, we are currently working with a number of existing clients to develop chatbots and will showcase these for you soon.